Frequently Asked Questions

SMERP stands for Small & Medium Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a solution designed for SME’s to manage their business operations efficiently.
After expiry, you can change your current SMERP plan to one of the various available pricing plans such as the monthly or yearly Retail Gold, Retail Silver and Retail Platinum plans on offer. To do that, simply sign-in to your store and click on the ‘Retail Stores’ option. Click on your store name
Simply go to settings and click on either Manage User Rights or Enter the User’s email address to send them an invite.
Yes, you can create and update your products inventory by importing a CSV document. More conveniently, you can also download and edit a provided CSV template for products creation and registration. Simply navigate to products, Clicking on the import button and click on ‘Import Template for Products’ to download the template.
No, SMERP is a cloud based ERP solution. This means that SMERP can only be accessed via the internet.
Yes. SMERP currently has an android application which conveniently offers the exact same functionalities as the web application.
Yes. the taxes and tax rate can be modified and updated as desired. This can be done by clicking on settings from the POS sidebar. This displays various Point of Sale settings including Taxes. By clicking, you can ‘Create and Edit’ your taxes.
SMERP offers a 15 day free trial period for all new users. After this period, the user must select and pay for the subscription plan of their choice.
You can pay your SMERP subscription online using your bank card. SMERP payment gateway is securely powered by Paystack.
SMERP allows you to monitor your store activities from your Point Of Sale dashboard. The Dashboard shows you various statistics in different customizable views. These statistics include; Total Sales, Product alerts, Active and Closed sessions, Number of Customers, Top products by units sold, POS session statuses etc.
You can add/register new customers on SMERP by clicking on Customers on the sidebar and either creating the new customers or importing a CSV file containing the Customer details by clicking the ‘Create’ or ‘Import’ button respectively.

Alternatively, a customer can be created at checkout by clicking on the customer icon, select ‘Add customer’ and inputting their details.
Simply select the ‘Sessions’ option from the sidebar, select a POS session currently In Progress and click on the ‘Validate Closing & Post Entries’ button at the top left corner to finish.
Yes. Start by opening a session that will be used to register the refund. After this is done, select the ‘Orders’ option from the sidebar and click the order entry. The system displays the order details including Products, Payments etc. To return the products, simply click on the ‘Return Products’ button on the top left corner. The return is reflected in the system’s financial records.