Features of SMERP

SMERP has been specifically designed to help improve your businesses performance. Its functional coverage expands to many of different areas.

Integrated Inventory Management

Inventory management simplifies the process of managing and tracking of the stock level to improve efficiencies. With the help of SMERP’s Inventory solution, SMEs can efficiently manage the inventory.

Customer Behaviour Analytics

Customer behaviour analytics is about understanding how your customers act across each channel and interaction point — digital or non-digital – and what influences their actions

Automated Order Management

Automated Purchase Order management provides smart and easy steps to configure workflow and automate all or some of these specific processes.

Point of Sale

SMERP POS is a retail point of sale system suitable for various small businesses (including online sellers) such as clothing and shoe stores, small franchises, sporting goods stores and gift shops.

Accounting Management

Accounting is a necessary process for any business. Precise accounting is indeed needed for the smooth running of the company without any financial losses.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Customer Retention is the key survival for most businesses. It is exponentially cheaper to keep current customers than gain new ones.

Customer Relationship Management

SMERP gives you the ability to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, bugs, campaigns, and claims.

Invoicing Management

With SMERP, it is very easy to integrate into your business platform. Personalise and automate your invoices, so you don’t miss a payment.